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Online poker is a main attraction for many experienced and new players worldwide and there are many options when it comes to playing these games online. Most online casinos will offer online poker selections and there are also poker rooms, where only poker games are offered. When playing online poker, players can select from some great game variations and can also enjoy the action of top rated poker tournaments which can offer massive prize pools and even entries to larger tournaments online and at land locations.

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Online Poker for US Players

When it comes to playing poker online for those that are residing in the US, things can become complicated. For many years, the US did not support online gambling of any form and laws were passed restricting players form using credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers to fund any poker account. IN recent years, some US states have legalised online gambling, offering residents of those states to access online casinos and poker rooms to play real money poker. These states include Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey for now, but more are planning to legalise online gambling in the near future.

Getting Started with Online Poker Sites

When players make the decision to get started with online poker, the first thing they will have to do is locate a poker room that will meet their needs. As stated, US players may have some restrictions, but most other players will find they can easily access great poker sites. When making a decision, it is important to consider what poker games are offered, what tournaments are available, what payment methods are supported and whether the games are download or instant play.

When players have narrowed down the playing field and know what sites they wish to join, they will complete a registration form and choose their username and password. They will then be required to choose a method of payment which is how money will be added to the account. When the account is funded, players can access the supported poker games in various rooms and start betting on hands. Each poker site will offer different games and different betting limits, so these things should be considered when making a site selection.

Pros of Online Poker Gambling

Online poker is one of the most played games in the industry and players will find there are multiple benefits to joining a casino site or poker room to enjoy these games. One of the great benefits of playing online is that players will have more selections when it comes to poker variations. At land casinos, players are limited to the games that are offered on the floor, but with online poker, there are many more selections, including Three Card Poker, Pai Gow, Texas Hold Em, Omaha, Caribbean Stud and many more. Another great advantage is the ability to easily find tables with bet amounts that suit the budget. Online poker rooms will have games for low, mid and high rollers, so there is something that will fit right into any player budget.

Another pro of online poker gambling is that games are always available and players will never have problems finding an open seat. There are also many tournaments that can be enjoyed. Most online poker rooms will have daily events that run throughout the day and will also offer higher paying weekly and monthly tournaments. When playing in land locations, players have limited choices when it comes to tournament action as they have to wait for an event to be announced and hosted.

Cons of Online Poker Gambling

Online poker can have some great benefits, but there are also major drawbacks to playing these games online. The first is that players will suffer faster losses. Online poker games are played at a faster pace than land based games, so players stand to lose more in a shorter amount of time. Any player that has played a land based poker game will be aware of some poker tells to watch for. These tells cannot be used online since players will not have the ability to see other player’s physical reactions. When playing poker at home, players will find they can easily be distracted from sounds and events around the home. This can lead to players making simple mistakes or missing the action of another player. It can also be more difficult to follow a game online since it is played much faster.

Poker Tournaments and How They Work

Poker tournaments attract the most attention in land and online settings as these events can be packed with action and can offer superb payouts. When playing online, players will find there are different types of tournaments that are offered based on the game that is being played. Most sites will have regularly scheduled tournaments for Texas Hold Em and Omaha games. Some of these will even be freeroll tourneys, where players do not have to pay any money to enter the event. While these offer smaller payouts, they are a great way for any new player to get used to playing online tournaments.

Online tournaments work just like land tournaments where players will be competing against others to achieve spits on the leader board. The top ranked players after the event will win the most money, while lower ranking players will still receive some cash, but of lower amounts. One of the most popular types of tournaments is a guaranteed event, where players will be playing for a guaranteed prize pool instead of a prize pool that is built from player buy in amounts. Online tournaments can be quite exciting and very rewarding and most are played in a shorter amount of time as opposed to being dragged out for days like at land casinos.